Zhang Yixing withdrew from Extreme Challenge 6 due to the trip, leaving only Wang Xun as a man

Zhang Yixing withdrew from “Extreme Challenge 6” due to the trip, leaving only Wang Xun as a man
On May 17, after the second issue of the sixth season of “Extreme Challenge” was broadcast, Zhang Yixing’s studio posted on Weibo and announced that he would withdraw from the next recording of “Extreme Challenge” in the sixth season because of the tight schedule.Guests, the boss and our entire team spent a very happy time in the current two recordings of the sixth season. Although it is regrettable that only a few days can be adjusted to participate in the extremely tight and tight schedule.But still very happy to be able to accompany you to the sixth year, the sixth season.At the same time, the studio also expressed its gratitude to the program team, “Thank you for your kindness at the time of invitation and your perseverance at the parting.It is reported that after Zhang Yixing withdrew, only Wang Xun was left in the original class of “Extreme Challenge”.Zhang Yixing is in “Extreme Challenge”.The picture comes from the online “Extreme Challenge” broadcast on Oriental TV since 2015. The first four seasons of the program have caused a strong response. The average score of Douban is as high as 8.5.The “Extreme Men Gang” composed of Huang Lei, Sun Honglei, Huang Bo, Zhang Yixing, Luo Zhixiang, and Wang Xun also countless fans.However, from the beginning of the fourth season, the members of the “Mang Gang” have been difficult to reunite because of their personal itineraries.The fifth season of “Extreme Challenge” has undergone a major exchange of blood. Not only does the director Yan Min no longer operate, but Huang Bo and Sun Honglei did not appear in the fixed length, the starting guests became Huang Lei, Luo Zhixiang, Zhang Yixing, Wang XunDili Reba, Yue Yunpeng, Lei Jiayin.Huang Lei finally recorded only four of them, and Zhang Yixing missed three.The initial exchange of blood made too many old fans of “Extreme Challenge” no longer pay, coupled with the change in the program’s temperament, the word of mouth in the fifth season turned sharply and the Douban score was only 4.1.Some netizens commented that “Extreme Challenge” was over last year, but it’s a pity that a few brothers haven’t made a difference.”The new chief director of” Extreme Challenge “Shi Jianing said in an interview with Sauna.com last year that although the current guest position will not be as clear as the previous” three fine and three silly “settings, the new guests also bring their own distinctiveCharacter traits.It is also normal for personnel changes to bring changes in program temperament, and such adjustments occur naturally.Sauna, Ye Wang Zhang He editor Tong Na