[Can you eat yogurt in the morning]_Yogurt_Morning_Can you eat it

[Can you eat yogurt in the morning]_Yogurt_Morning_Can you eat it

Many people drink milk in the morning. Few people usually drink yoghurt in the morning. It is OK to drink yoghurt or milk in the morning. Do n’t worry about the burden on the stomach, but you must pay attention to yogurt.You can’t drink on an empty stomach, you can prepare it with some food. In addition, you should pay attention to the yogurt in the morning. Do not heat it. Heating will destroy the active ingredients in the yogurt, which will not be good for the human body.

Drinking in the morning can increase the spirit of the day, but do not drink on an empty stomach, it is best to have a snack.

Drinking at night helps sleep and skin care.

Experts recommend that you drink yogurt on an empty stomach.

Suitable pH value for lactic acid bacteria growth5.

Under 4 on fasting, the pH value of gastric juice in humans is below 2 and the gastric juice is replaced after meals, the pH value can rise to 3.

Therefore, when drinking yogurt on an empty stomach, lactic acid bacteria are easily killed, and the health care function is weakened; while continuous 2 hours after a meal, the health care function is better.

Avoid heating kefir.

Active lactic acid bacteria in sour milk are beneficial to the human body. It can decompose lactose in fresh milk to produce lactic acid, increase acidity in the body, and inhibit the growth of spoilage bacteria and attenuate the toxins produced by spoilage bacteria in the body.

In addition, active lactic acid bacteria also have the effect of enhancing digestion and digestion. After heating and boiling, not only the unique flavor of yogurt disappears, but the beneficial bacteria in it are also killed, and the nutritional value is greatly reduced.

Avoid mouthwashing after eating yogurt.

With the increase in the number of lactic acid bacteria beverages, the incidence of dental caries in children has increased at the same time, which is not related to the regular consumption of lactic acid bacteria beverages.

Because some bacterial species in lactic acid bacteria play an important role in the formation of dental caries, you should rinse your mouth with plain water after fermenting yogurt or lactic acid bacteria beverages.