[A kind of tea that is good for the liver?

】 _Protect the liver_How to drink

[A kind of tea that is good for the liver?

】 _Protect the liver_How to drink

Usually many people have the habit of drinking tea, especially those who are of a certain age. They drink tea every day. Now there are many types of tea. Everyone should learn some knowledge about tea, and consider the season when drinking tea.You must also consider your personal fitness. Some types of green tea and some flower teas are suitable for drinking in summer. If you want to protect your liver, you can drink the following types of tea.

Tea that is beneficial to the liver: 1. Chrysanthemum tea often drink chrysanthemum tea has the effect of clearing the liver, drinking chrysanthemum tea has a very good relief effect on the symptoms of liver heat, wind, heat, headache, hypertension, redness and swelling, etc.Very high, usually use it to make tea and drink can calm the liver and yang, cool the eyesight, relieve wind and heat, white chrysanthemum taste sweet and fragrant and pleasant, very suitable for tea.

In addition to brewing alone, you can also add some honey to chrysanthemum tea to help relieve depression.

2. Calendula tea Calendula contains minerals phosphorus and vitamin C, etc. The main use part is petals.

Called calendula tea, it can sweat, diuretic, clear away dampness and heat.

When you have a cold, it is called calendula tea, which helps reduce fever and cools down the fire.

In fact, it has the effect of suppressing blood pressure and promoting digestion, which is very suitable for patients with peptic ulcers; and, it can promote blood circulation, relieve and alcoholism, so it is also beneficial for liver nourishment.

Dry calendula 3?
5 grams, 1 teaspoon of green tea, moderate amount of boiling water.

Rinse the dried calendula with hot boiling water, soak it for 30 seconds, and wash it.

Put calendula and green tea into the pot, and add hot boiling water to soak for about 3 minutes to replace.

3, rose tea Rose flower is mild, which contains very rich vitamins, can evacuate liver qi, promote blood circulation and regulate menstruation, balance endocrine, transformation, can also regulate liver and stomach, drink rose tea often can improve physical fitness, eliminate fatigue.

Rose tea also has a beauty effect, which can help improve dry skin and dark spots.

Take 6 to 10 pieces of dried roses and add them to the tea cup, then pour in hot water, you can replace it, or you can add two red dates to add a bit of sweetness and nourish qi and blood.

4. It is recorded in the ancient books of Jasmine tea: Jasmine has the effect of “regulating qi and depressing spleen, eliminating evil and reconciliation”, which can eliminate diseases, abdominal pain, conjunctivitis and sores, and has a good anti-inflammatory and detoxifying effect.

Often drink jasmine, clear liver and eyesight, promote hydration and quench thirst, expel phlegm and cure diseases, pass convenient water, expelling wind and relieving diarrhea, strengthening energy, lowering blood pressure, strengthening heart, anti-cancer, anti-aging effects, make people prolong life, physiologicalhealth.

Take out 3 spoons of dried jasmine, put it into the tea set, and then pour boiling water. After about 7 minutes, add honey to it. After half a minute, when the honey and chrysanthemum tea are combined, a cup of chrysanthemum with a delicate aromaThe tea is done.

5. Nasturtium tea Nasturtium has been used as an ornamental flower before. It has only been found that using it to make tea can clear heat and detoxify, nourish the liver and eyesight, and refresh the stomach. It has the effects of treating stomatitis, pharyngitis, and tonsillitis.Obvious effect.

Take 3 grams-5 grams nasturtium with boiling water for 5 minutes to switch on, or add 2-3 calendula flowers to brew together.

Although nasturtium is good-looking, it makes the tea taste bitter, so you can add some sugar to adjust the taste.

6, honeysuckle tea honeysuckle tea can alleviate common upper respiratory tract infections, tonsillitis, influenza and other complications, help cool blood to stop diarrhea, diuretic and liver.

It should be noted that honeysuckle tea is suitable for recovery when mild exogenous symptoms occur. If the cold symptoms are severe, medical treatment is still required.

Add 10 grams of honeysuckle and add water.

If you want to improve your taste, you can also put 10 grams of raw licorice.

However, the personnel who have delicious cold food can not be included any more, otherwise the cold will increase.

7. Qi Ju Yanggan Oolong Tea This tea is rich in carotene, VB, VC, a variety of amino acids, and various mineral components such as calcium, phosphorus, and iron. It often absorbs and promotes blood circulation and metabolism, and prevents the liver and intestines.The product of Tao, nourishes liver and kidneys, relieves wind and eyesight, and is also an ideal drink for nourishing the liver and protecting the liver.

An appropriate amount of chrysanthemum, 20 grams of wolfberry, 5 grams of oolong tea, brew with boiling water, cover with a little soak for a while and then place.